Our House (Album ft. S.U.Z.Y) [Universe Media]

Megadrum 2012 [CSD Recordings]


All About The Love ft S.U.Z.Y [Universe Media]

Levels EP [Kula Records]

Perseverence ft S.U.Z.Y [Universe Media]



Viva [CSD Recordings]

Sax-A-Tron (with the Universe Band) [CSD Recordings]

Aim High (ft Morrisson [Mutated Music]

C’est La Vie (ft. S.U.Z.Y.) [Universe Media]

Drop! [Foreplay Records]



Lights Out EP [House of 23rd]

Roots [Sounds Of The Booth]

The Jammin’ Sales Sessions EP (ft Stephen & Damian Marley) [Universe Media]

Show Me (featuring Diana Waite) [Universe Media]

Express Yourself (featuring Morrisson) [Universe Media]

Wispah [Open Bar Music]

Elements [Phunk Solution]

Global Groove EP [Universe Media]

Gigadrum [22 Digit Recordings]
Nightfall [Future Street Music]


Phatt/Slim EP [Universe Media]
Movin’ House [Slammin Sounds]
Heading South [Slammin Sounds]
Kinda Groovy EP [Open Bar Music]
I Just Can’t [Slammin Sounds]
Megadrum [Influential House]




Soulplate – Supa Soldier [Kula Records]

Frankie Brass ft S.U.Z.Y – Behind Closed Doors [CSD Recordings]

Dache & Shaw – Levels EP [Kula Records]



Alan Gilmour – Jato Unit [CSD Recordings]

Perspex People ft S.U.Z.Y – I Thank U [Kula Records]

DJN Project ft Eman – Open Your Eyes [Newav Media]

Danny Quattro – Take It To The Top [SP Trax]

Yohann ft Donna Hidalgo – Vendetta [Daddy Funk]



Lee, Slater – Genetic Replicant [SP Trax]

Tony DivinoGo Deeper [SP Trax]

Fury ft Lucy Clarke – Taking Over Me [House Of 23rd]

Oscar P – Revolution [Open Bar]
Park Street ft Rainy Payne – ExRay [Universe Media]

Igor Krajina ft Sandy Spady Your Heart Is Calling [Daddy Funk]



Juan Forte – Instant [SP Trax]

Jay Kay – Untitled By Choice [Universe Media]

Timmy Vegas & The Universe Band pres. Jenniffer Wallace – The Power Of Your Love [Universe Media]
Twisted Groove – Fidgety Fingers [Ecology Recordings]
Timmy Vegas & Tim Phinn pres. Abigail Bailey – Ready For Love [Universe Media]
Scott Langley – The Ride [We Continue]

Scott Langley – Express Yourself [SP Trax]
Audio Affinity ft Gemma Rae – All For Me [Daddy Funk Records]
Scott Harrington & Scott Langley – Work It Out [Ecology Recordings]

Shena Can’t Stop The Rain [No Prisoners Records]

Serotonin Thieves – Lisas Coming Home [We Love Lite]

Cristian Paduraru – Revival Changes [Christian Records]

Oscar P – Time Machine [Open Bar Music]
Universe Project feat. Miss Broadway – Where U Wanna B [Universe Media]
Babyface Jay feat. Marlon S – Any1 Ever [Universe City]
Heath Hunter ft Steve & Damian Marley – Revolution In Paradise [Universe Media]

Heath Hunter ft Steve & Damian Marley – Trenchtown [Universe Media]

Underphunk – Temperatures Rising [Influential House]


Oscar P – Crispified [Open Bar Music]

Corona Bros – Vivir La Vida [Soulheat]
Queens Club Project – Super Dancer [Music Taste Records]
Des Mitchell – Lets Stay Together [Soulheat]
Blackliquid feat. Sin Q – Moments [Open Bar]
Rosa Klebb – Persuasion [Influential House]
Cristian Paduraru – Express Yourself [Christian Records]


Cristian Paduraru – If You Want [Christian Records]
Funk Manouver feat. Amaya Amaya – Wait For Me [Reelgroove] 


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