Complete Colin Sales Archive now online!!

I have been busy going through all my old productions and DJ mixes, and found a few absolute crackers!  I’ve found my first ever recorded DJ mix (“Fall 2003”), AND my first ever production (bootleg of Love Will Save The Day by Jaque – 2004).

So I have moved all my DJ mixes since 2003 onto my Mixcloud, and all my Production and remixes since 2004 onto my SoundCloud (included some downloadable bootlegs!).  My Beatport producer profile is now live too, just search my name on Beatport.

So to recap, you’ll now find online:

  • Nearly 100 productions and remixes
  • Over 50 DJ mixes
  • Beatport producer page
Here is the Mixcloud link:


And here is the SoundCloud player where you can hear all my productions and remixes:

Enjoy all the remixes and productions, and feel free to leave your comments on the individual tracks!  🙂


About Colin Sales

Music Producer | Author | Creative Director at @CSDrecordings | Customer Service Professional | Learning to code | Love cycling, running, gaming & 'guid ale'
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