Happy New Year from Scotland to the world!!

Happy New Year, from a slightly hungover Mr Sales in bonnie Scotland!

So 2011 is over and we’re into a brand new year.  Welcome to 2012.  Some say the world will end this year, I say things are just heating up!!

There’s going to be a lot happening for me this year.  I’m continuing my residency with Ministry Of Sound‘s UK Tours including the hot new VIP brand which I hope will really take off.  It’s all about cool, funky, vocal house music in the most chic venues you can imagine!!  Of course the Ministry Of Sound year wouldnt be complete without a Clubbers Guide album, keep your eyes on http://www.ministryofsound.com for details on when that will be coming and any tour / event info!

The most exciting thing for me is going to be ‘Our House’, the new album that I’m working on with S.U.Z.Y.  You’ll have already heard our C’est La Vie track which went Top 20 on Traxsource.com over the summer.  Our next single Perseverence is coming very soon.  Remixes in so far are from: Rob Hayes, Perspex People, DeepSource, and Vertical Smile (which sounds massive!!), and there may be one more to come before the package is complete.    Following Perseverence, will be the song which we entered into the Hed Kandi Producer Competition and they rated it into their Top 10!  It’s called All About  The Love, and I’m starting to organise remixes for it already.  We reckon we can perhaps nail the Top 10 on Traxsource.com with that one!!  So, once All About The Love is released, the focus will be on the album itself.  The idea of it is to showcase S.U.Z.Y’s vocals and (hopefully!) my production skills in dance music styles ranging from soulful house, through deep house, funky house and of course some big room sounds.  We’re throwing in the odd surprise too which we’re not disclosing until the album is released…  but keep your eyes peeled right here to keep up to date with everything!

My other focus this year is going to me the label I am running in partnership with Universe Media, called CSD Recordings.  It launched in October with Sax-A-Tron (see Label section of this site, above) and we’re going to be putting out the next release in February from Dache & Shaw, called the Freak EP which is sounding excellent!!  Following that, will be a track by Frankie Brass, featuring the aforementioned S.U.Z.Y called Behind Closed Doors, of which I’m working on the remix right now!  I’m delighted to say that CSD Recordings will be releasing a compilation album later in year, featuring the best tracks and remixes on the label, and those of our partner labels and friends.  We’re always on the lookout for big room commercial tracks, tech-house and techno records.  Feel free to let me hear your new productions, send links to colinsales@facebook.com or via soundcloud at www.soundcloud.com/colinsales

In addition to all this production, I’ll be looking to do even more DJ sets this year…  for you promoters out there check out the Booking section from the menu above for details on how to book me for independent sets and/or S.U.Z.Y live PA, or booking me as part of a Ministry Of Sound event.

Anyway that’s all from me for now…  hope you’ve had a good one.  I’m away to eat a lovely Chinese curry – saving the steak pie dinner for tomorrow when I’ll be less hungover!!

Colin x


About Colin Sales

Music Producer | Author | Creative Director at @CSDrecordings | Customer Service Professional | Learning to code | Love cycling, running, gaming & 'guid ale'
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