DJ Mixes Galore for September!!

I must be feeling generous this September, because there is now FIVE HOURS worth of music which I have mixed, available online for you RIGHT NOW!!! 😀

Here are all the gory details, kicking off on a soulful tip, and finishing with a bang!


Colin Sales Deep & Soulful mix – September 2011 (Deep, sensual, emotive)


Ministry Of Sound VIP – Colin Sales, September 2011 (Smooth, soulful, funky)


Colin Sales Recorded Live From Ministry Of Sound Clubbers Guide @ Tramps, Worcester, 27.08.11 (Big tunes, current anthems and a few bangers)


CSD Recordings Podcast, Episode One, by Colin Sales (Underground deep, tech, techno)


That all totals five hours, and all mixes are available to transfer to your ipod/phone/computer, just click the little download arrow.


Watch out for my new label with Universe Media coming later this month, called CSD Recordings.  The focus is on all club music, whether it be big room house, tech house, even dubstep or DnB.  Our first release is called Sax-A-Tron!!  And you can hear a preview of it below:


Also coming later in the month is the second single from my forthcoming album with S.U.Z.Y.  “Perseverence” comes with three remixes, preview below:

Oh, and do yourself a favour…  TURN IT UP!! 😀


About Colin Sales

Music Producer | Author | Creative Director at @CSDrecordings | Customer Service Professional | Learning to code | Love cycling, running, gaming & 'guid ale'
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